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Where is Northampton & The Major Northants Towns ?

Explore the Northamptonshire area and all local attractions on our interactive Google map

Below I have listed the relevant maps for Northamptonshire as a whole aswell as the main town's within the county. As you will see there are three tabs in the top right of each map that read (Map, Sat and Ter). Click on the map button for help with driving directions, Or If you prefer a more picturesque view of the area choose Sat (satellite).


How To Get Driving Directions For Any Northamptonshire Location

Within the top left of the maps are arrow keys that allow you to move the map in any direction you want, and the + - buttons allow you to zoom in and out. The zoom in button is especially useful then in the Sat view as you can zoom in and pick out specific buildings, minor street roads and even objects as insignificant as parked cars.

If you are after driving directions to a specific Northamptonshire location all you have to do is go to anyone of the maps below click on the Google image in the bottom left, then press Get Directions and input your starting location into the A box and your destination into B box. The driving directions should now appear on the left of the screen for you. Now press File then Print to print out the directions, or if you don't have a printer you could just write out the directions onto a piece of paper for future reference.

Where is Northamptonshire?

Northamptonshire is located right at the heart of England, although it has often referred to as another body part (the pancreas) by people such as TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh, as a consequence of it's central location, county border shape and the fact it is often ignored in favour of neighbouring counties.

Northamptonshire is part of the East Midlands of England and the county borders with Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire.

Map Of Northamptonshire

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Where is Northampton?

Northampton is located in the centre of the East Midlands, and is the main town of Northamptonshire. The Northampton borough borders with Daventry and Wellingborough.

Map of Northampton

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Where is Wellingborough?

Wellingborough is located around 10 miles from Northampton via the A45, and 9 miles from Kettering via the A509.. It borders with Northampton and Kettering, and is slightly north east of Northampton.

Wellingborough Map

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Where is Kettering?

Kettering is around 16 miles from Northampton via the A43 and 9 miles from Wellingborough. It borders with Wellingborough, Daventry and Corby and is North East of Northampton

Kettering Map

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Where is Corby?

Corby is around 26 miles from Northampton, borders with Kettering and is North East of Northampton.

Corby Map

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