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Video Clips Of Northampton & Northamptonshire


Below I have listed various present day & historical video clips of Northamptonshire, Although it is mainly Northampton clips at the moment I will be adding many more in future.

This is a great way to get an idea of what this area is like today, as well as find out some fascinating information about the history of this region. Whether you live locally or planning a visit, you're sure to find these videos to be of interest. If you're keen to learn a little more about Northampton and Northamptonshire, then this is a great place to start!

These videos range from college projects to promotional materials, and certainly make for interesting viewing. It couldn't be easier to find out about Northamptonshire, simply click on the video which you wish to watch in order for it to play.


Video Clips Of Northampton

This first video is one of my favourites on the internet as it paints a very complimentary picture of Northampton and features some great images of the town.

The video below contains actual video footage throughout aswell as a nice commentary from local postie Rob at the start. Rob has a welcoming speaking voice and seems very knowledgeable on the Northampton area and it's recent history. I may have to get him to write on this site :)

These next set of videos are a work of art. Rob the postie once again showcases his obvious love and astounding knowledge of Northampton's history, and present day events in this 6 part series: "Northampton Past & Present". Settle down and enjoy!

Below is the most polished video of Northamptonshire as a whole, much of it is promotional business jargon, but from 2.45 onwards there are some spectacular views of the major places of interest within the county.

This video below was an old college project and is an interesting look at Northampton now and includes a couple of amusing interviews with local residents. (warning there is a swear word towards the end)

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