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If you want to know the upcoming events that are running throughout Northamptonshire then view our dedicated events calendar section. It is still very new so it's up to you to populate it with any events you are running or that you know about.

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Wellingborough Raffle For Local Girl Niamh's Life Saving Treatment



I was wondering if you would be so kind as to help Niamh Curry?. 
Our raffle will be held at our fundraising event at St Barnabus Church Hall in Wellingborough NN8 3HF on the 28th April 2012 2-5pm. (more information on the Just Giving page about the day).

We are selling raffle tickets at £5 (Via an official Just Giving page) in aid of Niamh Curry who is only 5 years old and has a rare cancer.Her only chance of survival is to get to America for treatment which costs £450,000 .The Tickets are for some amazing prizes such as....
 A Panasonic camcorder, an iPod Nano 8Gb, an iLov Stereo Speaker doc for iPod or iPhone, a Nokia Mobile phone, an iLov Enhanced Stereo speaker for iPod/iPad or iPhone, 4 tickets to see Stomp in London, 2 x National Express Tickets to anywhere in the country and more.....
You can purchase the Super Douper raffle tickets on our Just Gving page here.Just type Super Douper raffle in the message box on the page and follow the instructions.
Some of the events will be 
A children's entertainer,
Face painting,
Balloon modelling
Tea,coffee and cakes.
A book stall,
Beauty stall,
Makeup stall,
Children's toy stall,
Baby stall,
Cake and bake stall,
Super douper raffle,
Plus more
Everyone is Welcome to come to the event.You can also pay postage for the prize (or collect) if you win and can't come as we need as much money to go to Niamh as possible
Please help us to raise as much as possible to save this beautiful little girl's life.Also if you could put our event poster on your Facebook ,or website please let me know.
kind regards
More about About Niamh
We are trying to get her story and appeal out to as many people, as we can as the sooner she can have her treatment the better. Her family are doing everything they can even selling all their own belongings and it's heart-breaking for them to see their little girl going through this illness just knowing that it's the amount of funds needed holding them back. We are working tirelessly to raise the money for her because if she can bravely fight on then we won't give up doing all we can either. Here is a bit more about her story.. Niamh was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma (Stage 4 High Risk) just before Christmas 2010 when she was just 3 years old. Since then Niamh has spent countless days and nights in hospital for treatment that has included Rapid Cojec Chemotherapy, a 4 hour operation to remove the tumour which was located on her adrenal gland, high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant and 14 treatments of Radiotherapy. 
On top of this there have been lots of blood and platelet transfusions, lots and lots of scans and general hospital visits and loads of time away from home. Despite all this Niamh still remains the happiest, kindest, most caring little girl you will ever meet. She is always smiling and loves a huggle with her big sister Hannah or her mummy and daddy. Things were going really well with Niamhs treatment and she started big school in September. Life was getting back to normal, well sort of. In November 2011 plans were put into place to start the final antibody treatment called Anti GD2. This gives the biggest hope of keeping the Neuroblastoma away for good. After nearly 1 year of treatment there was light at the end of the tunnel for Niamhs family. The hospital carried out all of the usual pre- treatment MIBG & MRI scans and the bone marrow biopsies. Two days before going into hospital for the Anti GD2 Niamh's parents got a phone call from the hospital that broke their hearts all over again. The cancer had come back... Niamh started 2 new types of Chemotherapy in November 2011 and is going to be re-staged in January 2012 to see what and where we go next in the battle to save our little girl. We know we can't save her in the UK so we need to go to the USA to save her life.
She has featured in the Sun Newpaper,tv and Daily Mirror amongst others.

Local Play The Son of Man

Our upcoming play, *The Son of Man*, is currently in the early rehearsal
stage and will be showing at Roadmender in Northampton on Tuesday 8th May
and Thursday 10th May.
The play has been written by Ignotus Theatre and
directed by Hannah Calvert.

A little about the play...

This play has been created as a homage to René Magritte's painting of the
same name. We aim to explore the ideas Magritte explored within his famous,
iconic painting, which he comments on here:

"So you have the apparent face, the apple, hiding the visible but hidden,
the face of the person. It's something that happens constantly. Everything
we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we
see. There is an interest in that which is hidden and which the visible
does not show us. This interest can take the form of a quite intense
feeling, a sort of conflict, one might say, between the visible that is
hidden and the visible that is present." René Magritte, painter of The Son
of Man.

Jack is a normal guy living a normal life, but when he moves into his new
apartment some unusual things are discovered. Between Jack's landlord, a
girl who calls herself "B" and the idiotic maintenance guy, the apple is
slowly removed from the subject's face.

Tickets have already gone on sale for this play and can be bought through our
website ( Tickets are £7 (Standard) and £5
(Concession). Performances start at 7.00pm.

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